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Community Building Block #003

Hi, we hope you're happy with your Free Membership...

If you are a consumer with a broad interest in animal related matters, the Free Membership categorie should definitely fit your current and future needs. 🏋️‍♂️ You’re all set… 🙂

However: if you are a student, a hobbyist, volunteer, career starter, job seeker, retiree, liaison or a professional in the Animal Sector – then you may need some additional weight. Premium features that unlock access to restricted areas and that allow for more in-depth involvement with the community. Depending on your specific needs, upgrading from a Free Membership to a Full Membership (Student Membership, Associate Membership or Professional Membership) may be a good idea. Please consult for details on pricing and an overview of features and benefits.

Upgrade now and save € 5,- on your first payment with code UPGRADE.

It’s easy and quick: go to My Profile Page in the menu on top of this page, select the Membership-tab and change your plan.

Any questions ? Visit the support page.