Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Actively share knowledge & insights with the community and receive visual awards for your contributions:

Contact us if you wish to delete your account permanently. We want to make sure you are not unintentionally losing any content. Please consider you can always downgrade to Free Membership at no costs, maintaining your account and content.

As a Full Member you can publish blogs (editorial approvement applies). Go to your Profile Pages and visit the Blogs -tab. Here you find the button Add New Post.

We recommend Safari, Chrome, Microsoft Edge or Firefox. Internet Explorer is an older browser and may cause some problems.

Make sure you only post content that belongs to yourself or that does not infringe on the rights of the lawful owner(s). Instead of copy/paste you may want to link to the original content, so the content remains on its native site. 

In case you feel your rights are violated as a content creator, please contact the poster directly to solve the matter. If you can’t come to a solution then please contact Reefz at, mention the url and indicate which content belongs to you. Please keep in mind that this community is about cooperating and sharing, and most likely no harm is intended.

Coupons are available through our Partners (‘Partner Discounts’) and various active campaigns (‘Discount Codes’). Depending on the coupon, you will receive a discount on your membership. Specific terms of use may apply.

⚠️ Note that with the use of a coupon, the trial-periode will not be available.

Selected Exclusives are available with Reefz Full Membership:

  • 25% off advertisement placements (Professional Membership)

Joining groups is a great way to get involved in specific themes. If you wish to actively contribute to a group, please select carefully where to place your content. The Feed is specifically suited if you wish to share tips, insights or links to other webpages. Photos obviously is there to share quality images related to the group-theme (make sure you own the rights !). If you are looking for diverse input from other group-members on a specific topic or question, then do start a discussion in Forum.

The main language of this platform is English. However you are welcome to communicate in your own language if this is more convenient to you. Note however that this may limit your audience.

The pointsystem allows you to collect oysters within Reefz.

An overview of your current balance can be found on your personal profile page.

Oysters can be earned, bought or shared.

Coupons for discounts on your Reefz Membership may be available through our partners. Check whether you are eligible here:

⚠️ Note that with the use of a coupon, the trial-periode will not be available.

The creditsystem allows you to use your credit-balance as an easy and fast form of payment within Reefz.

An overview of your current balance can be found on your personal profile page.

Credits can be earned, bought or shared.

Buy your credits here:

Credits can be used as a form of (partial) payment in our webshop.

The average value of 1 credits = €…..,-


You can select the profile type that best suits your profession (animal care specialist, scientist, etc.) or current status (student, retiree, etc.) to be displayed on your personal profile page. Edit your profile to access the specific set of questions that come with the profile type of your choice.

Your rank is determined by your type of membership and your sequential level of seniority on the network:

Reefz works to prevent spam by building a members-only community. Suspicious empty profiles with free membership status are periodically removed. Do you encounter any spam or fake profiles ? Please use the appropriate buttons to report it. 

Workplaces on Reefz are online private spaces where teams work together on goals on an organizational or project level. With a Reefz Full Membership you can request to start a Workplace of which you will be the Organiser. In order to make use of the features in a dedicated Workplace, the following conditions apply:

  • Workplaces need to consist of a minimum of 5 participants.
  • All participants need to hold an active Reefz Full Membership.
  • Availability of Project Management -tools is optional upon request.
  • Availability of Zoom Meetings in the Workplace is optional upon request (Zoom paid plan required).

Contact us to request a Workplace.

Need a tutorial ? Here it is.